Before you renovate your McCormick Ranch home for sale’s bathroom, you should know where to splurge and where to save money. Replacing plaster, concrete, and cast iron is costly. But there are affordable ways to get the job done.


Keep Your Spending to a Minimum

You should keep your bathroom budget at 5% of your McCormick Ranch home for sale’s value and 10% for the master bathroom according to the Appraisal Institute, a trade association. If your bathroom is fine, don’t invest the money since it’s not a worthwhile investment unless your bathroom is outdated. 


Master bedroom splurges worth spending the money on

Dual sinks, separate walk-in shower and soaking tub, and adding a toilet room are all things worth splurging on in your McCormick Ranch home for sale according to a Minnesota contractor. Each of these projects will add at least a few thousand to your remodeling project but will be well worth it. 


Don’t change the layout

You can keep costs down by keeping new plumbing fixtures in the same spots as the old ones. It could save you hundreds of dollars in a second-floor bathroom since you won’t need to run new supply and drain pipes. You won’t save as much doing this on the first floor. 


Go for porcelain, not stone

No doubt, natural stone looks beautiful in the bathroom of your McCormick Ranch home for sale. But you can save hundreds by going with porcelain tile instead. If you go for a stone-look porcelain tile you’ll get almost as much color and texture as the real thing. It’s also much easier to maintain since it’s almost impossible to destroy porcelain tile. Also, ask for “urethane” group with is practically impossible to stain. 


Warm up your floors

For a few months out of the year here in the valley, it does feel nice to step out of the shower or bathtub onto heated floors. A tile installer is able to put an electric heating element underneath your finished floor in your McCormick Ranch home for sale.  You can even set it on a programmable thermostat so the floor is heated when you get up in the morning. You’ll spend up to $1,000 on this feature. 


All of these are simple tips you can do to to make your bathroom more posh without spending a lot of money.