I’ve done many blogs on the importance of choosing the right color when it comes to exterior and interior paint, front doors, accessories, etc.  Now, I’ve come across another article on curbed.com on the ugliest color in the world and to stay away from it at all costs, especially if you’re planning to sell your house soon.


Science names the most unpleasing, ugliest color ever made as a “drab dark brown-green.”  The actual name is opaque couché, a.k.a.Pantone 448 C.


An Australian marketing company was recently asked to find the one color that would turn off buyers the most.  It wanted to use the ugliest color on cigarette packs, using the strategy that it would lead to fewer sales.  So, they believe they found the one color that’ll keep buyers away.


The Daily Mail describes the color as a “dreary mix of tar, vomit, and olive, but a shade of drab brown.” Whatever the case, a “drab dark brown-green” color, it appears, is not enticing to home buyers.


Another article in realtor.org suggests using a home decor theme in a room to attract buyers.  Color is essential to bringing a theme’s feeling into your home.  For example, if you go with a beach theme, you’ll want to decorate with colors such as sky blue, earthy browns, and turquoise. Through the simple use of paint, you can set the stage for other beach touches throughout the home.


Displaying artwork is another way to set a mood in a theme-based room or home. Also, having a focal point and building the theme around that is important.  You don’t need a lot of space.  Smaller pieces can have a huge impact.  Think about throw pillows, table accessories, rugs or even knobs.  But whatever you do, add decor that’s natural and authentic to the home.