Whether you’re buying or selling a McCormick Ranch home or any home, there are common courtesies you should observe. A real estate agent compiled the below do’s and don’ts from being in the business many years.


Sellers, including those selling a McCormick Ranch home, request that buyers schedule appointments in advance and keep them. Preferably a day ahead. On that same note, arrive on time and don’t park in the driveway if you have an oil leak.

Sellers also don’t like it when buyers watch agents use the code to open up the lockbox. Once inside, sellers of a McCormick Ranch home for sale generally like it when buyers remove their shoes. It’s also preferred you view the home with the agent and look at the inside of the house first in case there’s another showing behind you. You also won’t track dirt back into the house by looking at the exterior first.

Another suggestion from sellers, including those with a McCormick Ranch home for sale, is to watch for pets at the door. Don’t let them out and don’t pet them.

Unless it’s an emergency, sellers would appreciate it if you don’t use the bathroom, as well.

Don’t touch any possessions, don’t sit on the beds, and always carry small children or hold their hand to make sure they don’t touch anything, either.  It’s also inappropriate to inspect appliances, the A/C unit, etc. to see if they’re working. If you make an offer and it’s accepted, then an inspector will look for any problems.

If you show common etiquette, the seller might show favoritism towards you when writing an offer.


Buyers also have a list of suggestions when looking at a home, including McCormick Ranch homes for sale. For one, buyers don’t like it when sellers stick around. Buyers feel uncomfortable.

Buyers also request stairs and walkways be cleared of any clutter. That goes for the yard, especially if you have pets. Buyers will walk around the exterior of your house. It’s also appreciated when pets are contained.

Keep lights on in every room and store personal items in a drawer. Sellers should expect the buyer to look at all the rooms and features including kitchen cabinets, pantry, bathroom vanities, and closets. Keep in mind, overpowering air “fresheners” can be a turn-off. 

The bottom line is to be respectful when it comes to showing or looking at a McCormick Ranch home for sale. Common courtesies go a long way in the buying and selling process.