When you decide to sell your Cactus Acres home or one in another neighborhood, there’s a certain amount of stress that goes along with it. It’s just not all about packing and moving. There’s an emotional stress that goes along with moving and putting your your Cactus Acres home up for sale. 



Remember, it’s perfectly normal to have second thoughts about your decision to move. Keep in mind, though, moving can be exciting and the start of new beginnings. Realtors, like myself, are always here to help. I can help you with school district information, community events, or the closest shopping and restaurants in any North Scottsdale neighborhood, including Cactus Acres. You might also want to do some research about your new community and all the things it offers.



In the whole moving process, it’s easy to neglect yourself and your family. As tough as it maybe, reserve time for yourself and your family. Look at it as an “insurance policy for your sanity and continued happiness.”   



It seems like there are always unexpected costs associated with moving. That’s why it’s important to keep an emergency fund. There can be last minute repairs after a home inspection, movers needing more money, etc.



Whether it’s a Cactus Acres home for sale or another community you’re moving to, envision where you’re going to place your furniture. Will there be more space for storage? What about kitchen or even outdoor amenities? Do you have a pool or maybe outdoor grill that’ll be good for entertaining?



It’s important during your move and especially after your move to a Cactus Acre home, that you take your family out to dinner, or to a movie, etc. Anything that gets you all together, and out of the house, for some fun is important. You need to walk away from boxes, paperwork, emotions and especially stress. 


Just remember, the stress of moving won’t last forever. Even in doing a few of these suggestions, the stress should go away, at least somewhat.