I’m a dog lover.  So when I read this article on AZCentral.com about a realtor.com survey about Scottsdale ranking No. 4 in the nation for owning a dog, I just had to share.  

When it comes to finding a home in a pet-friendly city, your nose doesn’t have to go very far.  Scottsdale is ranked No. 4 nationally on a new list of the best housing markets for owning a dog.  

You might be scratching your head, wondering what Scottsdale offers that other cities don’t.  For one, 69-percent of households in Scottsdale own a dog.  The city also has many restaurants where pet owners can dine outdoors with their four-legged pooch.  There are even 20 bars in Scottsdale that allow dogs to sit next to their owners.  And if those three reasons don’t get you to “paws” a moment, there are also an abundant number of pet shops catering to dogs.

Speaking of pet shops, the ranking mentions Oh My Dog in Scottsdale where you can buy Louis Vuitton knockoff dog toys known as Chewy Vuiton, Koko Chewnel perfume toys, 50 Shades of Fur Bones, and sports car-themed dog beds such as the Furrari. 

Charlotte, N.C. ranked No. 1 as the best housing market for dog owners.  But it’s a little hard to compete with a city with 5 dog-friendly beaches.

The No. 2 wag of the tail goes to Temecula, CA since 85-percent of households there own a dog.

Dogs in Vegas are rocking it out in a city ranked No. 3 mainly due to the city having its own pet-themed radio show “Vegas Rock Dog Radio.”

Ranking below Scottsdale in order: San Diego; Austin, Texas; Tampa; Fort Collins, Colo.; Atlanta; and Seattle at No. 10.