Many home improvement projects you do at your McCormick Ranch Home for Sale don’t always get you the resale returns you’d expect. But when it comes to landscaping, that’s a different story. Spending more money on curb appeal could land you a big payout in the end. 

Showing some TLC to your McCormick Ranch Home for sale lawn can get you the biggest return. Projects like seeding, updating with sod lawn, and even executing a lawn care program can get you the biggest bang for your buck according to REALTORS®.

Even flower beds and fire pits add to the curb appeal. First impression is important to potential buyers and, obviously, the first thing they see is a home’s exterior. 

REALTORS® also know these projects can help in the selling of your McCormick Ranch home or bring you more pleasure if you decide to stay put. They’re ranked in order of importance when it comes to adding value. 

Landscape upgrade

New patio

New wood deck

Standard lawn care

Sod lawn


Seed lawn

Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fire pit

New pool


In fact, upgrading with a seed lawn will get you a 417% return on your investment according to REALTORS®. You’ll see a 303% return on standard lawn care and a sod lawn upgrade will get you 143% return at your McCormick Ranch home for sale. 

Projects such as an overall landscape upgrade, new patio, new wood deck, or a softscape upgrade you’ll break even on. 

If you put in a new pool, plan on staying in your home. A study finds a new pool is number one in enjoyment of homeowners when it comes to an outdoor remodeling project. However, if you plan to sell your McCormick Ranch home, don’t plan on recouping the full cost. You’ll probably only recoup 50%

Basically, outdoor home remodeling projects serve two purposes. One, it keeps you happy and gives you more satisfaction while you continue to live in your home. But these projects can also give you a big return on your investment if you should decide to sell your McCormick Ranch home.