Relaxing and peaceful bedrooms all seem to have a few things in common: soft colors and lighting, a luxurious bed, and plants. The one thing you don’t find is clutter. This does not go hand-in-hand with having a tranquil bedroom in your Terravita Scottsdale home. If you’re a little disorganized, here are a few tips that’ll help you have a more appealing and calming bedroom.


Make Your Bed

It may seem unnecessary or even too easy, but making your bed in your Terravita Scottsdale home in the morning is the best thing you can do towards achieving organization. Even if the rest of your bedroom is organized, an unmade bed will make it look messy. On the flip side, when a bed is neatly made, it’ll make the rest of your bedroom look better, even if you have some clutter. 


Get Rid of Stuff

I know, it’s hard to part with old clothes, shoes, books, exercise equipment and other stuff. But if you’re not wearing or using it, getting rid on the stuff in your Terravita home will help in removing the clutter and give you a more organized feel. Along this same line, clean out your closet. Invest in some closet organizers including a shoe rack. Separate your clothes by season. 


Space Under Your Bed

Most of us have plenty of space under our bed so take advantage of it! Store shoes, seasonal clothing, extra linens or whatever else you have sitting around under your bed in your Terravita home. Get some storage boxes that’ll fit under your bed. Or elevate your bed with some bed risers to make room for taller boxes. 


Bedside Storage

While decorative nightstands add to the decor of your bedroom, they don’t help with organization. So, it’s best to get nightstands with drawers for your Terravita Scottsdale bedroom. That way you’ll have more space for storage. 


Add a Trunk

If you have enough room, a trunk can add a nice touch to the bedroom but also gives you more storage. You can even use it for a place to sit.