Thinking of selling your McCormick Ranch home? A new survey by Redfin shows 52-percent of homeowners say now is a good time to sell. Last year, that number was only 34-percent. Even though it has been a buyers market, 58-percent think sellers have more power than buyers in the current market.


Whether at McCormick Ranch or another neighborhood, the top reasons homeowners say they want to sell include moving to a larger or nicer home. Forty-percent gave this response. Twenty-four percent say they’re selling to move to another city while 21-percent say they’re just looking to make a profit.


Those with homes for sale in McCormick Ranch could also be moving to a smaller home. Twenty percent gave that response in the survey. Nineteen percent had a change in family status while 15-percent are moving for a better school district. There are also the move-up buyers at McCormick Ranch who are wanting to take advantage of better interest rates. 


Some Americans are still skeptical, though, with 30-percent saying they’re worried they might not find another home. Another 26-percent are concerned prices might fall before they find a buyer while 25-percent fear they won’t be able to find another home they can afford. Twenty-three percent of sellers are also concerned the economy might discourage buyers while 19-percent fear the appraisal might come in low.


When it comes down to deciding how much to sell a home for, 55-percent of homeowners say they’ll go in the middle range based on what other sellers around them are doing. Only 19-percent say they would price high. 


Keep in mind, whether at your McCormick Ranch home for sale or one in another neighborhood, just because sellers are getting more confident, doesn’t mean they can ignore doing upgrades or home staging. It’s still a competitive market out there.