Selling your McCormick Ranch home will, no doubt, be challenging. Maybe another home in your neighborhood for sale has more amenities. Or it’s possible you can’t get the price you want due to homes appreciating slowly. Regardless, if you want to have any chance of selling your McCormick Ranch home, there are a few things you shouldn’t do.


Don’t take your own photos.

Photos are invaluable when selling a home. Most sellers won’t even look at a listing without looking at a photo of the home first. That’s why photos of your McCormick Ranch home for sale must be professional quality. Do not take pictures of your home yourself. 


HGTV says 80% of potential home buyers start their house hunt online. Most of the listings without professional photos have wording like “price lowered” or “marked down.” It’s possible bad photos are the reason some sellers aren’t getting any traction from potential buyers. 


Don’t try to sell your home on your own. 

Research shows that if you sell your home, including your McCormick Ranch home for sale, through a realtor, you’ll sell it faster and get a higher asking price. In fact, the National Association of REALTORS says 87% of buyers purchased their home through a professional real estate agent. That number has been steadily rising since 2001 when it was 69%.


Don’t argue over price.

When putting your McCormick Ranch home up for sale, don’t argue over price with your agent. Even if your neighbors had a higher asking, you’ll need to trust your agent to research the area and market to determine a proper price for your home. It never hurts to do your homework with comparables to see how they match up against your agent’s research. Chances are, though, you shouldn’t find much difference if the agent is doing their job. 


Don't trust Zillow  

Zillow admits to being 8% off on their Zestimates® or rather estimating your home’s value. But the L.A. Times finds Zestimates can be wrong by as much as 61%.  A recent study found their average Zestimate is off by $14,000.


Don’t follow prospective buyers around

When potential buyers are looking at your McCormick Ranch home for sale, many don’t like the seller following them around. The agent might even ask you to leave. 


Don’t refuse to negotiate

It’s unusual for a potential buyer to not want to negotiate the price. Plan on it. With that said, you must be open to it. Being inflexible could end with the buyer walking away. 


Don’t ignore your agent’s advice

If your agent requests you to fix up your McCormick Ranch home for sale, do it! By staging your home, it’ll sell faster and for a better price.