Creamistry is the latest ice cream shop opening near Sotheby’s Scottsdale at 7135 E. Camelback.  But this isn’t your ordinary ice cream.  The company, founded in 2013 in California, uses liquid nitrogen to freeze milk crystals at -321 degrees Fahrenheit.  The company claims this process creates the most creamy ice cream possible.  


Creamistry also has a Phoenix location and is planning another one. When you walk into any location, including the one near Sotheby’s Scottsdale, you choose a shake, float, or waffle bowls and then a base such as premium, organic, Greek Yogurt, or Coconut base, a flavor, and then toppings.  Customers have a choice of 40 flavors and then they select toppings. It’s then frozen with liquid nitrogen.


Traditional ice cream needs to be frozen for up to 45 minutes.  Liquid nitrogen ice cream takes less than two minutes to make. 


The two valley entrepreneurs behind the location near Sotheby’s Scottsdale and also 20 other locations are former Arizona Cardinal and co-founder of Impact Church Andre Wadsworth and real estate expert Ryan Zeleznak. 


This is from the company’s website: “We believe ice cream should never be sitting in a freezer waiting to be served. Our ice cream is made-to-order, freshly prepared and frozen right in front of the customer. Combine our process with great customer service and a spectacular liquid nitrogen smoke show, and you have a recipe for success.”  The company, no doubts, plans to extend that success to the location near Scottsdale Sotheby’s.   


The company also has fundraising events with schools, campus clubs, boy/girl scouts, churches, non-profit organizations, athletic teams and more!