Carpeting in your McCormick Ranch home is not as hard to take care of as you might think. But there are some things you should never do to your carpeting if you want it to last. 



Even if it’s a small spill, resist the temptation to start scrubbing your carpeting in your McCormick Ranch home. Fierce scrubbing is harmful since it can unlock tightly twisted fibers. If this happens, it’ll look like a large fuzzy patch. Instead, blot the area instead of scrubbing. 


Non-Carpet Cleaner

Using a product not meant for carpeting can ruin it. Even an “all-purpose” cleaner should not be used on your McCormick Ranch home carpeting. The only cleaning product you should use on your carpeting is one designated for carpeting. 


The only exception is clear liquid-dishwashing soap. But only use this on a stain after you dilute it quite a bit. 



Simple advice. But taking your shoes off at your McCormick Ranch home is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your carpeting looking nice. You’ll avoid bringing in dirt and chemical residue such as from your driveway. You might even want to consider wiping your pets paws when they come back inside.



Don’t drag your furniture on your McCormick Ranch home carpet. This can cause ripples in your carpet. Always lift furniture and other items off your carpet before moving it. If an item is too heavy, use a sheet of plywood.


Beater Bar  

Don’t the vacuum beater bar, or power head, which is designed to brush carpet fibers as it vacuums. This device can especially be dangerous to looped styles of carpet such as berber. Instead, use a suction-only vacuum head. 


Excessive Sunlight

Be careful that your carpeting in your McCormick Ranch Home is not exposed to too much sunlight. Close those blinds and curtains to avoid fading of your carpeting. There is also fade resistant carpet you can buy.