Scottsdale Community College’s Culinary Arts program is offering non-credit cooking and cake decorating classes this summer.  Most classes last 1-2 weeks and start June 6.  Four courses are being offered:  Beginning Cake Decorating, BBQ and Butchering, Healthy Cooking of Southeast Asia, and a Kids Cooking Camp (ages 8-13).  With the exception of the Kids Cooking Camp that starts at 10am, classes start around 5pm.  The tuition ranges from $125 to $225.

“It gives people something to do in the summer and it’s fun to learn how to decorate a cake or cook. And the best part is the students get to eat their homework.” says Chef Bill Collins, who heads SCC’s Evening Culinary Arts program.  

Students in the beginning cake decorating at Scottsdale Community College will not be baking cakes.  They’ll all be pre-made, so, the class will focus strictly on decorating.  

In the kids class, kids will learn how to make simple, healthy dishes and will also learn about nutrition. 

In the BBQ and Butchering course, students will learn how to cut up whole chickens, pigs and other primal cuts of beef. The class also will provide cooking instruction on cooking temperatures, seasoning and sanitation.

Healthy Cooking in Southeast Asia foods will teach about the region’s history,  tastes, and preparation.  This course is designed for those with an interest in cooking foods from the region, and will include salads, appetizers and entrees

The goal is to get more students to take for-credit courses at Scottsdale Community College in the fall or spring semester.  Non-credit courses will also continue to be offered to the community.

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