You obviously want to decorate your home to make it look its best with your personal touches. You might even follow some of the hottest trends in decorating or remodeling. But this could backfire when selling your home. When putting your McCormick Ranch home up for sale, it’s best to put things in move-in condition and remove all of your personal touches. The goal is to get potential buyers to picture themselves in your home.


Boldly Painted Walls

Decorators love black and other bold paint colors as a great backdrop to metallic accessories or appliances. But most people seem to like neutral colors for exterior and interior walls. Unless you’re willing to repaint before selling your McCormick Ranch home, it’s best to stick to pleasing colors for walls and use accessories for color. 



Wallpaper is another thing you should leave off the walls of your McCormick Ranch home for sale. Bold and graphic patterns are trending but wallpaper is not easy to remove and could be a turn off to buyers, even if t’s only on one wall. 


Fancy Light Fixtures

Resist from installing light fixtures that are too modern or ornate. Look for lighting that enhances your home, not be the focal point. 



It’s ok to mix silver and gold but you might want to switch out thing like faucets and door handles if they have the wrong metallic sheen. Gold by itself is outdated. Brushed nickel is in and relatively cheap. 


Converted Garages & Bedrooms

Most home buyers want a covered space to park their car. So, a garage that has been converted into a bedroom or office might be a turn off to some potential buyers.


The same goes for bedrooms. Many people looking for a house want a bedroom designed for its original purpose. They don’t want an office, walk-in closet, or maybe game room. Make sure any conversions you make in your McCormick Ranch home for sale can easily convert back to a bedroom.



While carpeting can feel good on your feet, most home buyers prefer hardwood floors in your McCormick Ranch home for sale. Home buyers think of carpeting trapping dirt, germs, and odors. If a home buyer really wants carpeting, it’s easy to install after moving in. 


Over-the-Top Landscaping

While rows and rows of flowers might look nice at your McCormick Ranch home for sale, a potential home buyer might look at the flowers as requiring a lot of maintenance. The same goes for other overly landscaped property.