Allergies and child asthma rates are causing more Americans to look at their homes more closely and checking if the environment is impacting their health. Some are looking at how much toxins in their North Scottsdale home for sale along with air quality.


A survey by Meritage Homes seven years ago revealed a trend among homeowners concerned about how a home could impact their health. As a result, the builder in 2014 added features for better airflow and a reduction in toxins in its homes. Those features included “improved air filters, whole-house water treatment, and low-emitting materials.” Evolutionary Home Builders has also jumped on board. 


The study also prompted real estate agents to ask buyers about any health issues, such as a respiratory condition, when helping them find a North Scottsdale home for sale. 


Other homebuilders are deciding when to add healthier standards to the construction of their homes, as well. The concern is the extra money it takes to build healthy homes. Luckily, costs are going down, which makes it possible for more builders to decide what to offer when it comes to healthy choices. 


But homebuilders and real estate agents need to be careful how they promote healthy homes. Meritage Homes says when they first started marketing a home’s health benefits they also emphasized energy efficiency. That seemed to be confusing or intimidating to buyers. Terms like MERV (maximum efficiency rating value) air filters and other terminology wasn’t getting through to buyers. 


Now, language for buyers considering a North Scottsdale home for sale and homes in other neighborhoods is being kept more simple. Instead of confusing terms, healthy homes are being promoted more like letting home buyers know there’s fresh air to breathe or that they’re purchasing a North Scottsdale home for sale that is better functioning.


Keeping a healthy home is a trend that’ll most likely continue into the future. Since costs are coming down, you’ll probably be seeing more home builders jump on board to offer more health efficientt houses. You can also take steps to make sure your home or North Scottsdale home for sale is healthy by doing some upgrades.