Potential buyers are interested in square footage. So when you put up your North Scottsdale home for sale, you need to place your furniture strategically to make it look like you have more space. But it’s also important to declutter and light up rooms.


You don’t want to overwhelm rooms with too much furniture in your North Scottsdale home for sale. The first thing you should do is draw out the floor plan of each room, including windows and doors. Every room should be inviting you to enter rather than stopping you from entering. 


Doorway locations

If there’s only one entryway into a room, you certainly don’t want to block it. Place chairs or sofas on either side of the doorway. Don’t place the back of the couch toward the entrance. Make everything as accessible as possible. You should be able to walk from point A to point B without any obstacles. This will make the room look bigger. 


In the case of two entrances in a room, it’s best to have the traffic pattern move behind chairs and couches rather than through the room.


Furniture placement

When placing furniture in your North Scottsdale home for sale, start with the biggest piece such as a couch or bed. Move the couch to the longest wall. You’ll want to have a focal point in each room. If you don’t have one, move the couch to the first wall someone sees when walking in. If you don’t put the couch up against the wall, make sure to have at least three feet behind it. 


In fact, rooms with all of the furniture up against the walls can be uninviting, not comfortable to sit, talk or watch TV. If you have space, create several seating areas with some furniture positioned three feet off the wall and create a conversation area by having couches and chairs face each other.


Aim for balance in your North Scottsdale home for sale. You can achieve this by placing similar sized furniture on each side of the room. Height, width, and weight of furniture all impact balance. It’s best to use a floor plan and section it off into four quadrants. Make sure to distribute an even amount of furniture in each section. 


It’s hard for many buyers to visualize the use of space. By creating balance in your North Scottsdale home for sale, you can direct the buyer’s eye to the focal points of room and of course the space.