While hot in 2016 and previous years, there are some home design fads that are cooling off and on their way out in 2017. realtor.com predicts the trends we’ll be saying goodbye to in our Russ Lyon Sotheby’s home this year. 


I did a blog in 2016 on incorporating gray into your Russ Lyon Sotheby’s home, even in the kitchen. It was a hot color at one point. Now, it’s looking gloomy probably due to it being overdone. Some color experts predict a transition from gray to warmer browns and beiges. 

The glam look 

Leave the bold whites, bright silvers, and deep blacks behind in your Russ Lyon Sotheby’s home. Known as the glam era, these shades no longer look inviting and will be replaced with warmer shades.


realtor.com describes this look as tacky wood paneling. The look was popular on 2016 TV design shows. Shiplap is not easy to remove and designers see no point in using it in your Russ Lyon Sotheby’s home or any home. 

White-on-white kitchens 

I know I just wrote the last blog on “going white” in your Russ Lyon Sotheby’s home kitchen. But the article in realtor.com says don’t do everything — from countertops to cabinetry and even the floor — in white. While the everything white trend just started in 2016, design experts expect it to be gone this year. Now, white will be sticking around. Just choose where you want to use it and do accent colors around it.


This metal is on it’s way out in 2017. Any copper fixtures in your Russ Lyon Sotheby’s home you might want to start thinking about how to transition them out. 

Start 2017 out in a fresh way.  A few simple changes is all it’ll take to have an updated look for the new year!