Quartz countertops have been all the rage for awhile now. Quartz is attractive and easy to care for and looks great in a Terravita Scottsdale home. The downside is it’s expensive. 

What is it?

Quartz Countertops were developed in the 1960s by combining ground quartz particles with resins. It’s an alternative to stone and it won’t easily crack or break. Unlike the early days of quartz, there are so many color choices to choose from today for your Terravita Scottsdale home. 

Unlike marble and natural stone, quartz is so easy to maintain and resists scratching. Remember, though, quartz is different than quartzite. Quartz is made with pigments and resins. Quartzite is sandstone that was exposed to intense heat, causing it to solidify. Quartzite is also available for countertops but must be sealed before use unlike quartz.  

Quartz pros and cons 

Quartz is mold-, stain-, and mildew-resistant. As a result, it’s easy to keep not only clean but germ- and bacteria-free, as well. Quartz is also resistant to heat damage up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  But “thermal shock” can result if you place something too hot on your countertop. That can cause cracking or discoloring.  

The biggest downside to quartz is cost. A preformed or laminate countertop will cost a few hundred dollars for a mid-size kitchen. Quartz countertops will cost a few thousand dollars for your Terravita Scottsdale home. They’re also not good for a backyard kitchen since the sun’s UV rays can break down the resin binders, leading to fading and warping.  

Choosing the best look

Choosing the right quartz for your Terravita Scottsdale home could be a challenge. So it might be a good idea to bring a home a few quartz samples before deciding on a color or design. As you plan, consider the following things: 

Seams: If you have a long counter, your quartz countertop might have to be fabricated in more than one section, meaning you’ll have seams. They’re usually not as visible on dark-toned quartz as they are with lighter toned countertops. 

Thickness: If you want a thin countertop in your Terravita Scottsdale home kitchen, chances are you’ll probably end up with at least one seam. If you need a large countertop or one with a fancy edge design, you should probably go with a thicker slab.

Design Details: In addition to a wide variety of colors, you can choose a quartz countertop with a smooth appearance or one with a flecked look. The surface can be sleek and glossy or flecked, pebbled, and embossed.   

Bathroom: Choosing a quartz countertop for a bathroom is a little different than picking one out for your kitchen. Bathroom vanities come in standard sizes so you can buy these quartz countertops pre-made.

Whether in a Terravita Scottsdale home or any home, quartz countertops look great, are easy to maintain, and won’t easily crack or break. The downside is the cost.