An average kitchen remodeling job costs around $50,000 in your North Scottsdale home for sale. Getting a good return on your investment has various meanings, depending on what your plans are down-the-road. Do you want to sell in the near future and hope the remodeling will add to the resale value? Or do you plan to stay put and want to be able to enjoy the transformation? Whatever the case, kitchen cabinets are at the forefront of every remodeling project. First, you must do your homework. 


Consult with a Professional

Seeking a professional’s help is a good idea, no matter what the goal is of your remodeling project. But if you’re planning to sell your North Scottsdale home, pros — including a real estate professional — will be able to tell you what clients in your area are looking for and are willing to pay for added amenities. 


Select a Great Floor Plan

A great kitchen floor plan can help in attracting buyers to your North Scottsdale home for sale. Buyers want a dream kitchen and they’ve done their research into what makes a good floor plan. For example, cabinets must be conveniently placed for accessibility to the prep, cooking and cleaning zones.


Simple is Better

If resale value is important in your North Scottsdale home for sale, avoid ornate or trendy styles in your kitchen remodel. Light colors and finishes are best along with simple, timeless hardware and fixtures. Keeping it simple is more affordable and, most likely, will mean you can recoup your investment much easier. 


Match Cabinets

With an open floor plan, be sure your new cabinets match the decor in areas of your North Scottsdale home for sale that faces the kitchen. This is where simple, light finishes are a plus. If you have a contemporary design in your family room, make sure the kitchen cabinets fit the style. 


Details, Details

Details are important in kitchen remodels. One thing buyers will pay for is anything that’ll make cooking and cleaning a more pleasant experience. Consider installing roll-out drawers, a vertical pull-out pantry near the fridge or cook top, and quiet-close drawers. Under-cabinet lighting is also popular, especial with glass front cabinets. 

Now, with a little planning, you’re reading to move forward and start your kitchen remodeling project!