While we’re still hovering around triple-digit temps, we’re really into the fall season. So, you might want to think about doing these fall home improvement tips for your Cactus Acres home. Whether you plan on staying in it awhile, or putting your Cactus Acres home up for sale, you’ll still need to fix your house up each season.

While some of the tips I came across in this realtytimes.com article pertain to snowy weather, I’m only going to list the tips that apply more to Arizona and to your Cactus Acres home for sale.


Inspect your Roof

Look for any missing or loose shingles on the roof of your Cactus Acres home for sale. The sun can certainly take its toll on roofs. Look for splitting wood shingles, etc. You might want to consider upgrading to a synthetic roof. “The composite shake and slate products resist fire, impact, high winds, insects and mold, making them an ideal long-term investment for a home.”


Clean your gutters

Even though we live in Arizona, you still need to clean your gutters in your Cactus Acres home for sale. A lot of junk can get backed and can impact drainage. Also,“make sure all downspouts are clean and connected.”


Check your siding and trim

Check your siding and trim and make sure there isn’t any insect damage. You might even want to check for termites. You’ll also want to decide in a new paint job is necessary for your Cactus Acres home for sale. Whether you DIY or hire someone, the weather is a lot nicer to tackle a project like this. 


Check your garage door

Check to make sure your garage door is working properly. Make sure it has “strong air infiltration seals to help keep energy bills down.” 


Check doors

Check the weather stripping around your entry doors to make sure it’s not worn out around the entire opening. This will keep cold air from sneaking in during the cooler winter months.