Whether you've been in your home two or twenty years, these tips can help you re-envision your spaces, get specific about your wants and needs, and create the “feeling”  you want your house to convey.

So how to begin?

Step 1: Purge

Yes, it's time to get rid of some things or re-purpose them. This is the time where anything that is broken must be fixed or tossed.

Step 2: Clean the House

I mean really clean the house. Deep clean every room, area rug, carpet, and window. Wipe down the cabinets, baseboards, and doors.

Step 3: Survey your home and ask these questions:

·        Would a piece of furniture improve the mood of the room?

·        Do I have a piece of furniture in a different room that would work well here?

·        Is there too much furniture in the room? Does it feel crowded or cramped?

·        Would the room feel brighter and more open if I rearranged the lighting or added more lamps?

·        Could moving the furniture around make the space more inviting?

·        Are there items in the room you don't even notice that could be parted with?

·        Do you really need to keep that gift you don't like out on display? (Even if you love the person who gave it to you??) The answer here is NO. You have my permission to hide it in the basement and take it out when the gifter comes to visit.

Step 4: Check out Pinterest

Pinterest is safer than watching home shows where they remodel a home over a week. That's not going to happen. Really, it's not. Create a few mood boards on Pinterest to help define your taste and understand the look you're going towards.

Step 5: Be more particular about your purchases

Trendy, cool looks are fun for sure, but are you willing to re-decorate every 5 years for the next trend? Traditional pieces and designs that have held the test of time can be updated without extravagant costs. Save trendy for accents like pillows.

Step 6: Paint

Paint anything and everything you like. Cabinets. Walls. Furniture. You can hire professionals or get crafty and transform a home completely just with paint. It's one of the most cost effective ways of updating your home.

Step 7: Decorate with Houseplants

I'm not talking about creating a jungle, just a few pieces to accent a room. There's something about a little greenery that perks up any room.

Step 8: Buy Pretty Storage Bins Baskets

You might be surprised what you can pick up at Walmart or estate sales. Keeping your home organized brings a feeling of calm and peaceful to your life.

Step 9: Change the Window Treatments

Okay, draperies can be expensive but maybe you can switch them to another room or create a new look by adding sheers or a different hanging rod.

Step 10: Invite Friends Over

Create a gathering with people you love. Inviting people into your home for a relaxed evening like cocktails and hors d'oeuvres brings the house to life and gives your the opportunity to show off all your hard work.

I hope that once you finish your home revision, you'll see all the things you fell in love with when you first bought it.

If not, call me and we'll look for a new home. I'm sure yours will sell quickly now!!