Living in a desert climate, it seems like we’re always in a drought and being asked to conserve water. Arizona’s considered to be in a short-term drought. There are some easy things, though, you can do in your North Scottsdale home for sale to not only conserve water but save money.


Replace the shower head

Replacing the shower head is one step in conserving water in your North Scottsdale home for sale. Showers account for 20 percent of water used in a household. In fact, 30 gallons of water is used a day for showers in a typical American household, according to the Water Research Foundation. But if you get a WaterSense-labeled shower head, that could save you 2,900 gallons of water a year!


Replace or retrofit faucets

Next to the shower head,another big culprit of water usage in a house are kitchen and bathroom faucets which account for about 19 percent of water use indoors. Newer faucets use 2.2 gallons of water per minute compare to 2.75 to 7 gallons of water per minute used by a lot of older faucets. But if you’re not wanting to replace faucets in your North Scottsdale home for sale, you can retrofit an older faucet with an aerator. This device mixes air with water to conserve water. 


New appliances

Appliances are getting more savvy all the time when it comes to conserving water. For example, if you own a washing machine built more than 13 years ago, it’s going to use a lot more water and cost you on average of about $200 a year to run. But upgrading to a newer model for your North Scottsdale home for sale, you could save up to $45 a year on your utility bill. 


Reduce your water usage outside

For some families, outdoor water use can make up most of the household’s water use. Unless you have a desert landscape in your North Scottsdale home for sale, think about xeriscaping which is a way to landscape using low water use plants. 


For little money, you can have a more water efficient home. The website is a good resource for energy saving information.