Admit it — you’re a creature of habit, even when it comes to decorating your North Scottsdale home. We all like status quo in our lives, even in certain areas, and we don’t like to break out of our bubble. When it comes to decorating, though, there are some myths that might be easy to break.



Whether you’re selling your North Scottsdale home or not, chances are, the ceiling in your home is white. It has always been the go-to color. While there’s nothing wrong with painting your ceiling white, bright colors, patterns, and even accessories are all alternative options. 



Another common myth when it comes to decorating your North Scottsdale home for sale or one in another neighborhood is that you shouldn’t paint a small room with dark colors. The reasoning is that dark paint will make the room look even smaller. Dark colors can create a cozy atmosphere and can give the room a rich look, giving a smaller room a bigger presence.



Speaking of smaller rooms, another myth is that you need to have small furniture. Many people try to squeeze too much small furniture into a smaller sized room. It’s better to stick with average sized furniture but use fewer pieces.



Neutrals aren’t always safe. Neutrals can be dull if not used properly in your North Scottsdale home. If you decide to go in this direction, make sure you have enough tone, texture, depth, and shape. 



Wood finishes don’t have to match. In fact, mixing woods creates a sense of depth in your North Scottsdale home for sale. However, you want to make sure the wood colors complement each other. For example, you don’t want to put woods with red tones with woods with orange tones.



No, the trim doesn’t always have to be white in your North Scottsdale home for sale. Try glossy black or bright red. Whatever color you choose, make sure it matches your wall color.



Another myth — only use three patterns per room. There’s no reason why you can’t use more as long as you break them up with solids. Use good judgement.