Yes, you are seeing correctly.  The color you see here is called 15-0343, aka “Greenery” and it’s the color of the year. But don’t be in a hurry to redecorate your Terravita Scottsdale home with it. Just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean a potential buyer will necessarily like it.


Each year in December, the Pantone Color Institute names it’s “Color of the Year.” The purpose is to influence just about everything including home decor in your Terravita Scottsdale home. Some are actually calling it the “weirdest color of the year.” Pantone is defending its decision, saying they choose a color based on the “mood of the country.” 


In the company’s press release, they’ve dubbed it a “life-affirming shade” that will “dictate a hope we collectively yearn for amid a complex social and political landscape.”


Instead of a color we may find on clothing, Greenery is billed as a way to express our hopes and emotions. Heading into 2017, many of us are hoping for a return to normalcy after a bad year in the housing market. 


The question is whether this color will help or add anything to a Terravita home. Do you really want a lime-green sofa? Or would you dare paint your walls with this color or kitchen cabinets?


The even bigger question is what this shade of green will do to the resale value of your Terravita home. Not all potential buyers may like it. Instead, some design experts expect there’ll be carrying shades of green featured next year kind of like 2016 when Marsala was the color of the year. Home decor was done in sheds of brown, red, and pink.


For now, the best advice from experts is to use Greenery in small doses in your Terravita Scottsdale home. Using it as an accent color is best.