Abrazo Scottsdale Campus recently had a big drive to collect cereal and money to feed children in the summer.  In fact, Abrazo Scottsdale Campus collected enough for more than 2,700 servings of healthy breakfasts.  The health network is located near 40th St and Bell, near plenty of Cactus Acres Homes for Sale.  


More than 150-pounds of cereal and $250 were presented to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, some by residents in Cactus Acres who have their home for sale.  But hospital employees, community members and business leaders donated healthy cereal and money for perishable breakfast items, as well, during the Over Hungry Cereal Drive. 


The drive’s purpose is to feed children, who receive a healthy breakfast in school, during summer break.  Abrazo Community Health Network’s six hospitals collected cereal and money, providing more than 58,000 breakfasts.


“At Abrazo Community Health Network, our goal is not only to help patients get well but also to help our community understand and take control of their health,” said Market Chief Medical Officer Dr. William Ellert in a prepared statement. “Part of this includes recognizing the importance of good nutrition.”


Arizona ranks third in the country for high child hunger rates, following New Mexico and Mississippi, according to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.


With 456,760 children starving on a daily basis, residents in the Cactus Acres area are doing their part to help.  


“We appreciate Abrazo Community Health Network hospitals for hosting the Healthy Over Hungry Cereal Drive,’’ Jerry Brown, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance public relations director, said in a prepared statement. 


The summer is an especially tough time on food banks since school is out.  That’s why it’s important for communities, such as Cactus Acres, and even those with homes for sale, to pitch in and make sure families have a healthy breakfast.