Selling your McCormick Ranch home is not as simple as putting a for sale sign up. Many homeowners have an emotional attachment to the home, especially if they’ve lived there for awhile. So, before you put that sale sign up, you want to make sure you definitely are ready to move. 


On top of that, selling your McCormick Ranch home or one in another neighborhood, means you’ll be inconvenienced with potential buyers walking through. So the goal is, obviously, to sell your home fast. 


Many factors, though, go into the final sale. Your McCormick Ranch home for sale must be priced right, you must have a good marketing strategy, and your home must meet buyer demands.  


However, there are five common mistakes homeowners make when trying to sell their home. Avoid these mistakes, and you should, hopefully, be able to sell your home faster.



Not everyone is going to like your color choices on the walls. Neon-bright colors or even dark colors could be a big turn-off for buyers. 


While it’s ok to have some color in your McCormick Ranch home up for sale, choose more neutral hues. Use colors that could inspire buyers like “blue, green, gray, taupe, and white.” The goal is to have buyers picture themselves in your home so neutral colors will help . 


While painting is an easy update for a seller to make, a survey in 2012 found a buyer views it as work that needs to be done on the home. But the same survey shows that painting the inside could provide an over 100% return on investment. 



While many people love pets, 35% of U.S. households don’t have pets according to the U.S. Humane Society. So it’s important to reduce your pet odor in your McCormick Ranch home for sale. That might require removing carpeting and changing litter boxes more frequently. 


As far as the backyard, remove all waste and start walking your pets. Fix anything that your pet may have damaged. And make sure pets are not present when a buyer comes to look at your house. 



Remove any personal decor from your McCormick Ranch home for sale. Personalized items make it tough for a buyer to envision themselves in the home. That includes photos, memorabilia, figurines, anything with your name on it, and cultural items. 



If you have outdated or cheap light fixtures, replace them. If you have burned out light bulbs replace with bulbs with the proper wattage.


Do you have light fixtures that are outdated or builder-grade? If so, consider replacing them. It’s important to remove fixtures that not only look cheap, but that date the space.


Most homeowners have ample lighting in their home – they just neglect to change the light bulbs once they’ve blown out. Make sure to have the appropriate wattage (use maximum wattage), and on a multi-bulb fixture be sure all light bulbs match.



Worn-out, stained, or dated carpeting is a definite no-no. Check to see if there’s wood flooring hiding underneath. Buyers love wood and are willing to pay more for a house with it. If not, you’ll either need to replace the carpet with another type of carpeting or clean the carpeting if it’s not too worn out,