A snowbird refers to someone who packs up and moves for 2 – 5 months out of the year from colder climates, such as the Northeast or Northwest, to somewhere warmer, and Arizona is the perfect place to consider. If you've been tossing the idea around for awhile and you're not sure what to do, here are five reasons why it's a great idea to be an Arizona snowbird.

There's no worry about winter weather

When you compare the weather in Arizona to other parts of the country or Canada in the wintertime, there's no contest about what area comes out the winner. Let's take a look at Phoenix where the average high in January is 67. In Minneapolis, the average January high is 24 while the average high in Bangor is 27. That's almost a 40 degree difference, and one that means the difference between wearing a light jacket and a giant parka.

It's better for your health

What does being an Arizona snowbird have to do with your health? If you've ever been in the subway in NYC during winter when people are sneezing onto those next to them or wiping their nose and shaking the hand of a business associate, it's easy to understand. You also won't have to worry about shoveling heavy snow and hurting yourself, or slipping and falling on ice. The only shovel you'll have in your hand in Arizona during the winter months is when you're putting plants into your garden.

You switch things up a bit

Let's face it, the every day life in the same town can get pretty mundane and boring, but when you become an Arizona snowbird, you switch things up and incorporate a little excitement. When you're ready to go back home, you'll be excited to go back again like you're seeing it for the first time. It's a little invigorating break that's much needed.

You can explore a different area

You've probably seen your town a thousand times, did the same things more than you care to admit, and could likely walk the streets blindfolded, especially if you've lived there for years. When you become an Arizona snowbird, you get to explore a whole different area you're not used to. Think of all the museums you could visit, golf courses you could play on, stores you can shop at, spas you can go to, and restaurants you can dine at. Would you rather be doing the aforementioned or digging your car out from three feet of snow?

You can spend time with friends

As an Arizona snowbird, you're going to make plenty of friends, especially if you live in a social area. Considering you're living elsewhere most of the year, when you come back you'll get to spend time with friends you won't otherwise get to see often. It's nice to have the balance between being able to visit with those in Arizona and your other friends back home.

There are a slew of reasons why being an Arizona snowbird is a fantastic idea, but the biggest is that it's a state where you will truly be able to enjoy yourself and everything the area has to offer without worrying about doing it in a puffy jacket and three layers of pants. When everyone back home is complaining about driving through a blizzard and dealing with freezing temperatures, you'll be enjoying cocktails with friends on an outdoor patio. Who can blame you for becoming an Arizona  snowbird?