Scottsdale may have the reputation of being the equivalent of Miami’s South Beach but that doesn’t mean that this city is limited to all-night partying and lounging in chic hotels. For those interested in looking to visit Scottsdale, you’d be surprised at the number of activities that you and your family can actually do once you drop by this city. So if you’re looking to give this city a try, here are 25 attractions that you can look into during your visit in Scottsdale:

1.    Fiesta Bowl Museum

For football fans, the Fiesta Bowl Museum is one of the places they dare not miss when visiting Scottsdale. Opening its doors in 2006, the Fiesta Bowl Museum documents everything about Fiesta Bowl event throughout the years showcasing footages from the actual games to displaying exclusive memorabilia such as trophies and the jerseys worn during game day. Entrance is free so you can drop by anytime.  

2.    Kerr Cultural Center

Chamber performances are probably one of the last things you’d expect to enjoy in Scottsdale but thanks to the Kerr Cultural Center, you’ll be able to get your fill of musical performance. As part of the Arizona State University, this center was constructed with the sole purpose of housing chamber music. These days, it is home to various artists who showcase their craft by hosting concerts and musical programs.

3.    Parada del Sol Rodeo

For those of you who enjoy watching a rodeo, you’re going to love Scottsdale’s Parada del Sol Rodeo. The only event in Scottsdale where professional cowboys congregate, the Parada del Sol Rodeo is mix of events that is sponsored by the Scottsdale Jaycees and is highlighted by the Parada del Sol Parade. Taking place in the morning, it holds the distinction of being the World’s Largest Horse Drawn Parade, making it a wonderful sight to see when you’re in town.

4.    Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

Serious car enthusiasts can’t say they’ve been to Scottsdale without visiting the Barret-Jackson Car Auction. Known for auctioning classic four-wheeled beauties, the auction showcases a bevy of vintage cars that will leave car fanatics and even regular tourists amazed at the sight of seeing these classic automobiles on display.

5.    Indian Wash Greenbelt

A popular hangout for joggers, skaters, and walkers, the Indian Wash Greenbelt is a 12-mile long area that consists of four parks: Chaparral, Indian School, Vista Del Camino, and Eldorado. The parks are divided into different sections ranging from ramadas, tennis courts, fishing lakes, and sports fields giving visitors options on how they want to spend their day.

6.    The Great Arizona Puppet Theatre

Kids will never tie of watching puppets and their antics and that’s what they’ll get from the Great Arizona Puppet Theatre. Located near downtown Phoenix, the theatre hosts five plays a week including popular renditions of Jack & the Beanstalk, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Jack Rabbit and the Easter Basket. Ticket prices start at $6 for kids and $8 for adults.

7.    Golf

Golf aficionados will go crazy in Scottsdale thanks to the abundance of golf courses in the area. With a total of 50 courses, you won’t run out of greens to play in. Plus, you also get the chance to showcase your skills on championship courses, particularly the TPC Scottsdale which is used during the Phoenix Open each winter.

8.    Native Trails

Winter is a big thing in Scottsdale since it’s during this season that the Native Americans in the area present outdoor programs in their Native Trails. A sight to see whether you’re a tourist visiting for the first time or you’re a frequent visitor, the program features musical and dance performance as well as cultural interpretations.

9.    Hot Air Balloons

If you’ve always wanted to get a bird’s eye view of what Scottsdale looks like, you’ll be able to do just that with the city’s hot air balloon rides. With a number of companies offering this type of service, you won’t find it hard to book a ride for you and your family. With trips lasting an hour, you’ll have enough time to get a good look and take photos of Scottsdale’s picturesque scenery.

10. Butterfly Wonderland

If you like the idea of being surrounded by butterflies, then you’re going to love being in Scottsdale’s Butterfly Wonderland. Considered the largest butterfly atrium in the United States, you and your family will be able to enjoy seeing different colorful butterfly species while learning a thing or two about how they interact with one another.

11. McCormick Stillman Railroad Park

The McCormick Stillman Railroad Park offers a variety of sights that will delight both kids and adults alike. For children, the park offers a carousel while adults can go through the park’s train and railroad exhibits. The McCormick Stillman Railroad Park also offers a ten-minute train ride that will bring you to the park’s arboretum.

12. Old Town Scottsdale

For those who fancy shopping for stuff that’s unique to Scottsdale, you’ll enjoy browsing through the different boutiques in Old Town Scottsdale. Dubbed as Fifth Avenue Shops, this open area serves as an alternative shopping place to the traditional air-conditioned mall. It’s perfect for strolling, especially if the weather isn’t too hot. 

13. The Art Walk

Scottsdale’s Art Walk is the only place where you can walk around and browse through various works of art. Open every Thursday night, you get to view exhibits, artists’ receptions, and demonstrations. Artworks are also being sold here so you can take a home a piece of the Art Walk if you find one that strikes your fancy.

14. Pottery Class

For parents who want to keep their children busy while visiting Scottsdale, they can have their kids take up pottery classes at the As You Wish Pottery Painting Place. With five stores offering this class, kids will be taught how to use their creativity in developing pottery and glass pieces. Pottery class starts $25 per day for children five and up while Glass classes are $35 day, every Friday, for children aged 10 and above.

15. Wedge Skate Park

Skateboarders know that there’s more to Scottsdale than just partying. Thanks to its Wedge Skate Park located at the Eldorado Park, skateboarders get to enjoy a haven where they can practice their moves while being able to hang out with other skateboarders as well. Aside from promoting the sport, it also helps promote interaction between those who enjoy skateboarding.

16. Taliesin West

Built by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Taliesin West is located in the McDowell Mountains. Measuring at 600 acres, this massive complex houses a number of tourist attractions and buildings, including Mr. Wright’s winter residence which has been converted to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. 

17. The Fashion Square

If you love fashion, this is definitely the place for you to visit. Considered Phoenix’s most popular mall and home to a number of boutiques, The Fashion Square is paradise for shopaholics who happen to be visiting Scottsdale. The mall offers shops that carry a number of unique items while providing mall goers with activities that will keep them entertained while they go from one store to the next.

18. Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

The Sea Life Arizona Aquarium is home to almost 5,000 sea animals on display for the viewing pleasure of kids and adult alike. Located in the Arizona Mills, it allows you to have a close encounter with various sea creatures that will make your trip memorable, including going through a shark tunnel, being able to come in contact with animals in their touch pools, and even interact with them during the aquarium’s talk and feed times. The aquarium is available for group and school tours as well as for birthday parties.

19. Hikes for Kids

Hiking trails are the last thing you’d expect your kids to go through but with Scottsdale’s hikes for kids, you’ll be able to have your kids experience the wonders of hiking minus the danger. Trails that will serve as a great start for kids to appreciate this sport include the Pinnacle Peak, the Gateway Trailhead, and the Lost Dog. Other local trails in the area can be sourced from Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Conservancy.  

20. Center for the Performing Arts

The Center for the Performing Arts is where artists hold educational events that play out through the entire year. This includes programs such as musicals, theatre, and other forms of educational events and festivities. The center is also home to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, giving art enthusiasts a place in Phoenix they can visit to satisfy their need for good art pieces.

21. Spring Training Baseball

March is baseball fever for those in Scottsdale thanks to The Cactus League which showcase teams going through spring training baseball. Held in the Scottsdale Stadium, fans can watch their favorite players train, including getting a glimpse of the players from the San Francisco Giants who undergo spring training. As part of the Cactus League, fans can even catch the Colorado Rockies go head to head with the Arizona Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields, just north of downtown Scottsdale.

22. Culinary Festival

Those who love to munch on good food will enjoy the culinary delights offered in the Culinary Festival which is held on April each year. A showcase for food, entertainment, and music, the festival also acts as a fundraiser that helps finance the art education programs offered by Scottsdale to students, enabling the city to raise money to help sustain their program initiatives. 

23. Trolley Tour

If you fancy learning more about Scottsdale and the best places to hang out while in the area, you can’t go wrong with taking the city’s popular Trolley Tour. The tour will take you through the different sights that made the city a popular place to visit including its different districts, restaurants, shopping areas, and galleries that Scottsdale is known for.  

24. West World

Kids will always love horses and if your children happen to love these majestic creatures, they’ll be sure to get their fill when they visit West World. The place offers various events and shows that put the spotlight on the horse, keeping children entertained and increasing their appreciation for these beautiful creatures.

25. AZ Science Center

For kids and adults who have a passion for science and technology, the Arizona Science Center will serve as the perfect place to satisfy your craving for anything science-related. Measuring at 164,000 square feet, the Center plays host to a variety of science exhibits, educating and entertaining guests about the importance of science and the role it plays in our lives. The Arizona Science Center is open every day from 10am to 5pm, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas.